Friday, January 30, 2009

Tuesday Whitt

I came across a blog just a few days ago and their story broke my heart. I sobbed just from the first few sentences... their young daughter Tuesday was dying from cancer and there was nothing else they could do. How this blog brought back so many memories of losing Brittney.. there is nothing like losing a sibling or a loved one to cancer, especially a child so young and innocent. I can't imagine ever losing a child. When Britt passed away I was so young, at the end of my fourth grade year in elementary school and I remember being so sad, yet not wanting anyone to see my tears. I was so hurt and confused and there are no words to make sense of it. How odd for me to stumble upon a blog to follow in the last moments of a little girls life who also had cancer, neuroblastoma to be exact.. the same type of cancer that Brittney had. Even though things are difficult to understand and what we dread.. I know we have to rejoice for those selected few, whom He has a plan for all.

He received an amazing angel tonight,
Tuesday Fiona Whitt
October 11, 2006-January 30, 2009.

Please keep the Whitt family and all of their loved ones in your prayers.

Visit them here, to read their story or offer your condolences.


Crystal said...

I have also recently came across this blog, which is how I came across yours as well. It broke my heart to read the post. She was such a precious baby girl. I just looked again, and there is now a video of her and I couldn't hold the tears in. She is adorable in every way!

I see you are in the medical field and live in Houston. We are going to be having my daughters open heart surgery there. We live in Central Texas.

BoufMom9 said...

What a beautiful post and so heartfelt.
I am a friend of the Whitt family and I know they appreciate all of the love and support they have been getting.
Thank you.
Most sincerely,