Monday, January 19, 2009

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Shane and I met my parents and some close family friends in Tulsa for the Chili Bowl this past weekend and we had an amazing time! It was so much fun as usual.. there is so much racing from Tuesday through Saturday evening its unbelievable :) There's nothing better than a week of good racing!!!

I am so excited for this week, probably the most excited I've ever been to start a new semester of school! I am taking another full load of classes, a total of 13 hours so I will definitely be very busy all semester long as well as everything else that I have going on through May! I'm even more excited about what is in store for Shane and I this year sometime after this semester :)

Did any of you watch The Bachelor tonight? OMG I cried like a baby, even more than usual! Is Jason an amazing man or what?! Just the thought of him bringing Sophia to spend her birthday with her mom was so thoughtful but then even more so to have such a special birthday planned for her!

Please continue to keep Brayden and Harper and all of their families in your thoughts and prayers, after reading updates they both seem to be doing better but are both still in critical condition.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Week :)

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Jessica said...

In every picture of you- your hair is so cute!!!