Saturday, January 31, 2009


Please bare with me while I'm working on a new look for my blog for Valentine's.. Yay! I'm super excited! Valentine's is by far my most favorite holiday.. umm yes that's because February is my BIRTHDAY Month and we celebrate the Month! ha But my birthDAY is the 16th!!! So there will be lots of changes going on here for the next couple of days!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! Ours has been very laid back, I'm still down with the sinus crud and have been content working on tons of homework.. what was I thinking taking 13 hours??! And spending these days with My Hubby are always Amazing so I can't complain!

-Please continue to keep The Whitt's in your prayers, as they mourn and rejoice their sweet baby girl, Tuesday.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tuesday Whitt

I came across a blog just a few days ago and their story broke my heart. I sobbed just from the first few sentences... their young daughter Tuesday was dying from cancer and there was nothing else they could do. How this blog brought back so many memories of losing Brittney.. there is nothing like losing a sibling or a loved one to cancer, especially a child so young and innocent. I can't imagine ever losing a child. When Britt passed away I was so young, at the end of my fourth grade year in elementary school and I remember being so sad, yet not wanting anyone to see my tears. I was so hurt and confused and there are no words to make sense of it. How odd for me to stumble upon a blog to follow in the last moments of a little girls life who also had cancer, neuroblastoma to be exact.. the same type of cancer that Brittney had. Even though things are difficult to understand and what we dread.. I know we have to rejoice for those selected few, whom He has a plan for all.

He received an amazing angel tonight,
Tuesday Fiona Whitt
October 11, 2006-January 30, 2009.

Please keep the Whitt family and all of their loved ones in your prayers.

Visit them here, to read their story or offer your condolences.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up and More!

I had a wonderful week back to school last week, I somehow ended up with all really good teachers, both online and in class and that never happens to me so I'm even more excited about this semester now than I was before! It's just begun but I'm already busy as ever.. which is good, hopefully it will help this semester to come and go, so I'm definitely not complaining!

We went to a hockey game Saturday night to watch the Houston Aeros, there was a group of us and we all had a Blast! We were given the tickets buy a guy that Shane works with and they turned out to be super great seat so that was definitely a plus :) The night was great besides the fact that the bartender spilt a huge cup of beer all over Sean... and he tipped her $20 for it (long story!)... craziest thing of the night. ha After the game everyone came back to our house to hangout and we ended up playing sing star and snacking and just having a great time!

Sean, Shane and Steven

Huge screen at Toyota center.. keep score and they show different pictures!

Nancy, Amy and INancy, Fabian and I
Shane got up super early Sunday morning to go fishing with his friend Scott and they caught a ton of huge fish :) So that made for a really good day! haha They were out on the pier from around 7 am to 4 in the afternoon so I had most of the day to myself. Needless to say I didn't do much, a little laundry and a little studying! I did workout both Saturday and Sunday with Leslie, we've been doing so good! Actually this week I have missed the past 2 or 3 days from being so sick but otherwise I've been there ALL the time. haha

Added to the list of the many things I have going on through May, Shane and I are going to Vegas!!! Along with my parents and Larry and Sharon (Larry owns CMW where Shane works and my dad is VP) for market!! There is going to be SOO much wonderful shopping... jewelry galore and I'm super excited :) To make things better we are actually going to be there for our 2 year anniversary! Omgosh could timing be any better?! This will be both of our first time to Vegas so do any of you have any advice? Know of any hot spots, shows we should see.. anything?? We will be staying at Caesars Palace and it looks so amazing! Now I've got to start getting my wardrobe ready for VEGAS!!!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Title Here!

Shane and I met my parents and some close family friends in Tulsa for the Chili Bowl this past weekend and we had an amazing time! It was so much fun as usual.. there is so much racing from Tuesday through Saturday evening its unbelievable :) There's nothing better than a week of good racing!!!

I am so excited for this week, probably the most excited I've ever been to start a new semester of school! I am taking another full load of classes, a total of 13 hours so I will definitely be very busy all semester long as well as everything else that I have going on through May! I'm even more excited about what is in store for Shane and I this year sometime after this semester :)

Did any of you watch The Bachelor tonight? OMG I cried like a baby, even more than usual! Is Jason an amazing man or what?! Just the thought of him bringing Sophia to spend her birthday with her mom was so thoughtful but then even more so to have such a special birthday planned for her!

Please continue to keep Brayden and Harper and all of their families in your thoughts and prayers, after reading updates they both seem to be doing better but are both still in critical condition.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Week :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Stamps Family

Please keep baby Harper and the Stamps family in your prayers! You can leave words of encouragement and keep up with the latest news on how Harper is doing here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Start of a New Week!!

Today has been such a lazy day full of laundry, grocery shopping, getting a head start on studying and doing it all with my hubby! I skipped working out today but plan on going Monday thru Thursday. We leave for Tulsa on Friday morning, Shane and I are both very excited to go to the races!!! Last night I made a new recipe, Salsa Chicken from SparkPeople for a couple of our friends and everyone loved it, I will definitely be making this some more in the future :) I did update my blog background and header which I've been needing to do and I have also finished my birthday cards and will be getting the rest of them printed and in the mail tomorrow. I was also excited to hear from Tasha today that one of her good friends who I also know, Emily really wants to help Lacy and I with her graduation party, which is going to be tons of Fun!!!

Hope you all have had a Fabulous weekend and are looking forward to the new week as much as I am :)