Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a few things...

Since moving to Houston, I often get online and read all of the news and obituary updates at While reading this article I was completely in disbelief that a nurse (someone who is suppose to be aiding in healthcare because they Care...) would put someone through such so much pain.

What a horrific experience, and now having to live with a catheter because of a careless person's lack of negligence.

Here is the story for you to read:

My 82-year-old father was recently hospitalized in a Midwestern city with complications from a blood disorder. Medical staff assessed the need for a urinary catheter. The insertion was done with a dry tube surface. When he asked if they could "put something on it," the female nurse told him to "just take a deep breath."
The insertion was done twice, both times without lubricant. One of the results was bloody urine. My poor father said, "Just imagine being 82 years old and having somebody do something like that to you."
When he told his hometown doctor, she just abut came unglued. A male nurse also informed him that he always "lubes the tubes."
My father is now unable to urinate on his own because of a blockage, which his urologist says may have been due to damage caused by the dry insertions. He now has to live with the catheter.
I cringe whenever I think about his experience and wonder how many other elderly people have been subjected to this kind of abuse. Please print this letter so the word can get out about this torturous practice.

Also, I have been reading all about the Empty Stocking recipients.. and oh gosh, I cry everytime. I have just been so blessed, really all of my life and I just love being able to give back. Just being able to give a little to those who have been less fortunate... that is what this time of year is all about! I hate that the true meaning for the season seems to always be forgotten.. and I can honestly say that I am very excited to give.. that's really all I want to do this year! I encourage all of you to give.. even if it doesn't seem like much it could turn someone's whole Christmas season around.

Hope your all enjoying this wonderful time of year, I definitely am.. and can not wait for my dad to fly in today and then we are off to Amarillo for 10 days!!!

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