Friday, October 10, 2008

Up Early... Perfect Time to Blog!

So it’s 3:30 and I’m awake… not fun, but what a perfect time to blog! Right?! Well to start off or should I say to catch up, last Friday, October 3rd was my darling husband Shane’s 23rd birthday… I know I can’t believe he’s getting so old! Haha And I only have 5 months left of being a “teenager!” To start off, I thought I would be cute and I bought Shane a Cookie Cake from the Great American Cookie Company, you know all the glory.. It said Happy Birthday Shane! So when he got home I made him close his eyes and I was holding it when I sang to him (for the 2nd time---the 1st was at 12:00 am, he wasn’t too happy with me about that! Haha) and he was really surprised! Yay, that’s what I was going for. So instead of taking a picture right now, which I realized I should’ve, I was going to wait and take it at the restaurant… Well it didn’t make it to the restaurant! While I was finishing getting ready, Shane walks in and as he is finishing his big nice bite of cookie he says, “Babe that cookie is sooo good!” and I was like “Oh NO, you didn’t!!!” Long story short, I seriously thought he was kidding, being sarcastic just to get at me like usual… nope, not this time. I went and looked at the cake and there was a huge piece—well more like a huge chunk missing!!! So needless to say I decided to leave the cake home and let him enjoy it for the rest of the week, which we both did :) Then some of our best friends Sean and Amy came over where we could all ride together to the restaurant since it was all the way across Houston. We also ended up picking up another friend Steven on the way because his wife couldn’t join us due to their poor baby boy being sick Friday.. We missed you Nancy!!! We ended up eating at the Ragin Cajun, laughing matter of the night--- we went there for Crawfish, and yes people Crawfish are Out of Season! It was still really good though… not nearly as fancy as I would have liked but it was nice. Amy’s sister Erin and her friend Alyssa also ended up joining us for dinner (we love these girls and are so glad they came!) After dinner and a couple buckets of beer we ended up going to Slick Willy’s, a pool hall. The guys has a great time playing pool for the rest of the night, while we enjoyed our “girl talk!” We were so thankful for a great night with great friends!

Here's some pictures from the night... If you know me then you know why there are So Many of Shane and I (I'm a picture fanatic.. what can I say? I love Pictures--but I saved you.. I've only posted a few :))

Of course, I had to get a picture of my and my spoiled baby, Bransen!

Here's Amy and I on our way to get Steven! (A true Best Friend--I'm so very lucky to have her in my life.. She is ablsolutely Amaaazing!)

This is Amy and Sean (yes he posed like that on purpose.. he's hilarious!)

Alyssa and Amy (Amaazing girls!)

Erin and I! (We are both laughing in this picture--I'm not sure what was funny now, but it was very funny then.)

Here's a few pictures of the rest of the night:

Steven posing for me! thank you:)

Shane and Steven

Shane and Sean (my flash caught Seans eyes and made a glare...)

As for this past week, I have been so busy between my Chemistry and Government classes, they are definitely keeping me busy... but thats fine because I'm planning for an A in both! Also Leslie and I have still been working out! She's also expecting a baby.. baby #2 for her and her hubby though, but still just as exciting as the first, and sweet little Cadence (their daughter) she's going to be the best big sister, she's so adorable! Definitely a princess! Even though Leslie can't do too much at the gym now she still goes with me all the time.. thanks Les, your great :) Shane has still been busy with work, although I think he is finally caught up from the week he missed because of the hurricane which is great! This week I created a new kit for my blog, which I love! I used the new Autumn kit from Shabbyprincess, which is probably one of my favorite's now :) *If you would like for me to create anything for your blog.. or any type of cards please let me know.. email, comment or message me on MySpace--thanks! Also, this week I finished making all of my October and November birthday cards which I have already sent to be printed!!! I am trying to find a picture place for Shane and I to go and have pictures taken for the Christmas cards I am going to make and send out!! So if you would like a card, and I do not have your address please email or message me on MySpace with it, thank you! I guess I am going to get ready, I have an SI (study session) for Chemistry from 10-noon and then Leslie and I are going to workout around 12:30, and I am so looking forward to catching up with my Bestie sometime this afternoon! I will try not to wait so long before I post again... but we shall see!

Hope you all have a very Blessed and happy Friday!!

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Mrs. Hubbard said...

Wow you are up late! I am so exhausted by midnight now, I am sure Sunday night I will be up until about that 3! I have a midterm Monday morning. I will try and give you a call this weekend. Have I told you recently how much school has taken over my life? If not I am sure you have picked up since there are so many here and there phone calls now! Love ya! You and Shane look great in those pics!!!